DIOnavi Full Arch Procedure

The DIOnavi Full Arch Procedure has all the advantages of an implant-supported denture but uses a minimally invasive digital technology to complete the procedure faster, with quicker recovery, less pain and a shorter operation time. This procedure also takes advantage of your pre-existing denture, permanently securing it in place with a fixed prosthesis, so patients can continue speaking, smiling and even eating without trouble on the same day as the procedure.

When you come in for your DIOnavi consultation with our dentist, he will explain the procedure to you and will use 3D intraoral scanning to create a personalized, computer-guided treatment plan designed specifically for your smile. This allows for a quick, minimally invasive implant placement and the creation of temporary teeth for you to wear as you leave the office. Once you come back in for your permanent teeth to be placed, you are ready to take on the world!”