Bone Grafting

Dr. David Cox may recommend bone grafting prior to providing you with dental implants. This procedure helps ensure that you have healthy supporting bone to keep your teeth and implants stable in your mouth. To learn more about bone grafting in Syracuse, Utah, and schedule a consultation with our dentist, call Syracuse Dental & Implants today at 801-776-2461.

If your jawbone is lacking in density or thickness, we offer an oral surgery treatment known as bone grafting to help build it up. During bone grafting, we will graft a piece of bone to your jawbone. For best results, this piece is usually taken from another place in your jaw or body. However, if necessary, we can use bone pieces from a tissue bank or synthetic bone material. After the procedure, your grafted tissue grows with your jawbone, enhancing the foundation.

For some treatments, including dental implants, you may need to undergo a bone graft to strengthen your jawbone. If you lose a tooth or have a tooth extracted, your jawbone will typically start breaking down at the site of the missing tooth. In order for your jawbone to be able to support an implant, this deterioration will need to be repaired through bone grafting. Bone grafting may also be necessary for periodontal treatments if gum disease has resulted in bone loss.

Interested in getting dental implants and want to learn more about bone grafting? Contact us today. We will be happy to answer questions and set an appointment for you so you can meet with our dentist. We are excited to help you on your journey towards better oral health and a restored smile!